A game for founders where everyone is the winner!
Prevent burnout, acquire early customers, get peer and expert help—all while continuing working on your project.

How it works
We combined the best ideas and advice to help launch your product and gamified the process into an engaging experience
Any startup. Any Stage. Low overhead.
Any startup in any vertical will benefit from this game. From an early idea to post-launch, there is something for every company. It takes less than half an hour a week to participate. You'll get much more in return!
Weekly Feedback & Peer Voting
Every week you submit a progress update, and other participants will vote on it. As a result of the vote, you'll get feedback and an updated rating to improve your positions on a leaderboard. Like ProductHunt, but every week!
Early Idea Validation
Write down your idea in the form of "elevator pitch" and get feedback from net new people every week. Fine-tune your pitch based on the voters' responses and acquire early followers with whom it will resonate.
Acquire early customers
We provide a multitude of opportunities for you to acquire early customers: from peers who play the game to people who follow the game and cheer for their favorite products!
Get Peer & Expert Help
Ever stuck and don't know what to do next? Raise a hand, and we will match you with a person who can help: an expert or another participant.
Growth Academy
We've curated a list of things required for almost any startup to launch and set up a working growth model. Complete those things to get extra points and additional customers for your product.
Not ready to participate?
You can still follow the tournament, get access to our growth lessons, and help your favorite products to grow!
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